Not a typical senior portrait session

When I met this stunning girl last Spring, we of course comiserrated over the craziness we were all living in (early on in the Covid-19 pandemic). And while I listened to her share her regret over the loss of the last few months of her senior year in high school, the missed opportunities to celebrate with her friends and the angst over what lay ahead for her, I didn't hear resentment or anger or brooding. I could, however, hear a re-framing of this new normal. She had already embraced the pivot - that word that has earned its place on in the last 12 months. Annie was focused on the "coulds" instead of the "could nots". She could experience a freshman year unlike any other, she could find her wings by diving deep into her classes whether they be in person or online and she could learn a lot about her own resilience in the process. Annie's outlook was a wise one. She recognized that there are no guarantees that our paths will look like we have dreamed them to be. Truth be told, most of the time they are far from it. But if we allow ourselves to swim with the current instead of against it, then we might find we have the energy to look around and witness the great beauty of this world - even amidst the storms.