Senior portraits are always special. These kids are filled with energy, enthusiasm and anticipation for their chance to fly. This night, God's presence was palpable. This beautiful senior chose her church, our church, for one of her backdrops and as she posed and I clicked away, we could hear the organ playing in the background as a service of worshop took place.

I could feel the prayers being lifted up inside and rest in knowing that she had been supported through countless Sunday School classes and Vacation Bible Schools. She had been prayed for as she attended youth mission trips and she had been treasured as she lifted her voice to the heavens in the choir. She had been loved by her church family and she had embraced that love, taking it out into the world to shine her big bright light. And now, she is this incredibly poised, deeply caring and socially conscious young woman who gives me great hope for this broken world.

The greatest influence on all that this child is becoming though is no doubt her family. They are grounded and present, faithful and kind and endlessly supportive of the community around them. This image (below) speaks volumes to me as a parent myself. We try so very hard to reflect God's light on our children through our actions. We fail of course but we keep trying, picking up tools along the way to help us do our job better, more gracefully.

And her bright smile is all the payment we need. Joy in being a part of this miraculous world.

God's speed Erin.